Artist based in Canada.

Objecthood and personhood, corporeality, co-dependency & care ethics.




2013- 2017

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Intermedia & Painting, University of Alberta


Selected Exhibitions


Anthropocities, Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, Canada


Hour Glaze at dc3 Art Projects, Edmonton, Canada

Self Disclosures for The Works Festival at Vignettes Building, Edmonton, Canada

Cabinet of Queeriostities IV at The Gallery at Casa, Lethbridge, Canada

Hibernaculum at The Works International Visual Arts Society, Edmonton, Canada

Between Us BFA Graduation Show at FAB Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

Hopes & Fears in Rutherford Library Galleria, Edmonton, Canada                   

Toxic Media Ecologies at Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada                          

Invitations at Rutherford Library Galleria, Edmonton, Canada


A Kind of Space at Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada

Gilding at Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada                                    

Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions at Enterprise Square Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down at Metro Garneau Theatre, Edmonton, Canada  

Frame of Reference at Stanley Milner Gallery, Edmonton, Canada

Emerging Artists Unleashed for Alberta Society of Artists at Little Gallery, Calgary, Canada        

Emerging Artists Unleashed for Alberta Society of Artists at Walterdale Playhouse, Edmonton, Canada


The Re-Performance Series at Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton, Canada 


Professional Development


Residency at Textiluer Islands, Blonduos, Iceland

Upcoming ~ Residency at The Brooklyn Art Cluster, Brooklyn, NY, USA


Intern for Kasie Campbell for The Works International Visual Arts Festival                             

Presenter at Toxic Media Ecologies Symposium                            

Social Events Coordinator for VASA at University of Alberta


Internship at Schwules Museum, Berlin, Germany                                                                                                         

Panel Discussion for Gilding at Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada                                                                                   

Member-at-Large for VASA at the University of Alberta


Taught Art 101 Class in Sculpture for Humanities 101 at the University of Alberta




Upcoming ~ Site Magazine - Feminisms Issue


As.Iz Magazine - The Future Issue III

Between Us, Catalogue

Invitations, Catalogue